LLC Florida

Florida was one of the first states to enact legislation permitting the organization of a limited liability company, due to an unfavorable, out of date Florida tax law and an out of date limited liability company law, the use of the Florida LLC languished.

LLC Florida

Florida is the most popular state for LLCs and Corporations. More LLCs and Corporations are formed in Florida than in any other state. While most Florida LLCs and Corporations are used by residents of Florida, others also choose to use them for their inexpensive maintenance fees. Among boat owners and other passive investment owners, the Florida LLC is especially popular. The Florida LLC is a creative and flexible entity of choice to take advantage of living and doing business in Florida and our beneficial tax and business laws even if you are not a Florida resident or your business is not based in Florida.

Factors to Consider

Deciding to form your LLC in Florida should be based on certain determining factors.

Benefits of LLC in Florida

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