LLC Management

There are two basic ways to manage LLC.

LLC Management

An LLC must have at least one organizer, who signs the articles of organization. Organizers do not have to be members or managers of the LLC. The registered agent of the LLC may be an individual resident of Missouri or a domestic or foreign corporation registered to do business in the state. The decision regarding the management form of the LLC must be made by the time the articles of organization are completed. When applying the default approach, the LLC is run by its member or members, in the same manner as a general partnership is run by its partners. If a manager is selected to run the LLC, the member or members have no rights to participate in most aspects of the LLC's management. In this case the member or members are essentially passive investors, similar to partners in a limited partnership or shareholders in a corporation.

Points considered to effectively manage an LLC

There are very important points that must be considered in order to effectively manage an LLC:

Effectively manage an LLC

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