LLC New York

New York limited liability company is formed by filing Articles of Organization with the New York Department of State and paying a fee of $200. Organizers prepare, sign and file the Articles of Organization that creates the LLC. Any person or business entity may be an organizer. Organizers may be, but need not be, a member of the LLC formed.

Organizing a New York LLC

There are three steps to forming a New York Limited Liability Company.

Organizing a New York LLC
  1. Walk-in application - It includes walk-in application at the state's office and paying an initial state imposed filing fee of $200 via a registered agency within the state or utilizing the services of a professional formation company online.
  2. Choosing a Name - The name you choose must be unique to any New York registered business entity. You can check with the state's name database for availability.
  3. Filing the Articles of Organization -The Articles of Organization must include the following:

Forming an LLC in New York provides the legal framework for which a company may operate. The economic climate of New York encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and this dictates the mechanisms employed by the state to facilitate this environment. As a result, the state has devised various mechanisms in which one may apply for their articles of organization in order to begin the LLC formation. Forming a New York LLC can provide you better legal protection with regards to personal liability, when compared to a sole-proprietorship or a partnership. You may also elect to be an S-Corp including LLC's with regards to federal tax reporting and filing, in order to benefit from lower personal income tax and lower or no self-employment tax (if one is self-employed) depending upon how one chooses to structure, report and file their federal income taxes. For specific issues with regards to tax compliance, reporting, tax filing and business structuring issues, please consult with a professional tax consultant in New York.

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