LLC Virginia

LLC Virginia

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. Forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company, commonly mistaken as Limited Liability Corporation) in Virginia is simple. Chances are you've already considered the key benefits of forming a Virginia LLC, such as protecting personal assets, reducing audit risk, and gaining potential tax savings. But, we know a Virginia LLC formation takes time. You can contact an agent or online facility which will save you time-and hassle-when you use our document filing services to form a Virginia LLC. Many internetís leading providers of Limited Liability Company formation services for Virginia and all other states, helping ensure companies meet Virginia LLC registration requirements. We offer affordable, easy Virginia LLC formation packages. Simply elect Virginia as the state to form your LLC and complete our online application, and Internet provider or company will take care of the rest. Business owner can form an LLC to limit their business liability. Limited Liability Company is one of the business entity types. In Virginia business owner need to register with State Corporation Commission to form an LLC.

Form an LLC in Virginia

Step 1

The name of the limited company should include the word Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, L.C, LC, L.L.C or LLC. The registered agent can be the member of the limited liability company or another company that authorized to do business in Virginia (such as business owner's lawyer office).

Step 2

The name of Limited Liability Company must be still available for business owner to be able to register a new LLC name, check with the clerk office.

Step 3

Business owner need to fill out article of organization and register with state corporation commission to form an LLC in Virginia. Go to internet site - You can print out the form and sign it and mail the original form with $100 filing fee payable to SCC.

Form an LLC in Virginia

Step 4

Single member LLC can choose to be taxed as a pass through to his or her individual tax. Internal revenue service allow LLC business owner to choose to be taxed as a corporation or as a partnership. Talk to your CPA or accountant regarding this.

Step 5

You must have Employer Identification Number. Business owner also need to establish EIN or Employer Identification Number for tax purpose after forming a Limited Liability Company. You can go to to apply online EIN.

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